Monday, 30 September 2013

Westminster is working (just not for you)

Westminster is failing Scotland.  It has allowed social and economic problems to take root in our country and offers no solutions beyond 'let's all suffer together'.  Below is a list of things that they have allowed on their watch but I feel shouldn't be true about 21st century Scotland.

"You're thinking of voting 'no'?  Do I have to list all the reasons why that's a stupid idea?"

Child Poverty
More than 20% of kids growing up in Scotland are living in poverty.  This contrasts sharply with Denmark and Norway, where the figure is below 10%.  The only difference between us and our Scandinavian cousins is that they run their own affairs, whilst Westminster runs ours.

"Widespread, unnecessary child poverty isn't enough to convince you that Westminster is useless?  I'll try again."
Fuel Poverty
Scotland is an energy exporter with vast resources, yet 1 in 3 households in our country suffers from fuel poverty.  Take this quote from Children in Scotland:
Denmark and Finland's fuel poverty rates are significantly lower than Britain's even though they suffer harsher weather patterns.  In Scandinavian countries, which are colder than the UK, excess winter deaths are much lower.  For example, Sweden sees a 14 per cent increase in death rates in winter months and Norway only a ten per cent increase while the UK sees an average increase of 31 per cent.
"We've got more oil than you can shake a stick at and there's still people struggling with the cold through the winter!  How can you support that?!"

Never Ending Wars
The UK has been at a state of war with at least one other country for the vast majority of it's existence.  If you'd like to see a breakdown of these conflicts by name and year, then look at the Scrap Trident blog entitled, 'Britain at War - The Never Ending Story'.  Just keep in mind that it was ordinary people like you and me who fought and suffered in every one of these wars, and that an exclusive clique became very wealthy every single time.

Wars cost lives and money, and should only be engaged in self defence, yet we're supposed to meekly accept every Westminster cut whilst we pay to have military bases in over 80 countries worldwide.  That is simply unacceptable to me.

"We've had to fight in 137 different wars, in 171 different countries, in just over 3 centuries!  Don't you realise that that just isn't normal?!!!"

Westminster has been lying to us for years.  From producing figures using different sources to make Scotland's economy look weaker, to luring us into illegal wars, to the infamous McCrone report which was hidden from the Scottish people for decades, Westminster is built on deceit, and the only cure is to say 'no more' and to take responsibility for ourselves.

"How many more times do those two-faced, selfish, narcissistic, power-mad, lying liars at Westminster have to lie to you before you'll accept that they're two-faced, selfish, narcissistic, power-mad, lying liars?!!!"
If you want to tackle child poverty in Scotland, if you want to help those struggling to heat their homes during the winter, if you want to give peace a chance and if you want a more honest system of governance, then you need to vote Yes.  Otherwise Westminster will keep working for itself (and sending you the bill).

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