Tuesday, 3 September 2013

It starts with a 'no' (and ends with a 'Yes')

All revolutions begin the same way.  The people, who have become politically, financially or socially impoverished, who don't believe the tired stories of their leaders and media, who no longer wish to protect the old order, finally refuse to accept the situation which has been forced upon them.  They say ‘no more’.

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What makes someone finally say ‘no more’ varies from person to person.  For some Yes Scotland supporters, it is the 50 years of nuclear weapons in Scotland.  For others the bedroom tax that we opposed but Westminster imposed.  For many more it was illegal wars (such as Iraq), a history of lying over North Sea Oil, the creeping privatisation of public services (which has Barnett Consequentials), the sense of entitlement which the political classes find hard to hide (as demonstrated by the expenses scandal), the persecution of journalists, the lack of consideration for environmental issues (through fracking and weapons testing), the spiralling debt, our diminishing military capability, the transfer of wealth from north to south, the transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich, the suffering from governments we didn’t vote for, the lack of attention for issues affecting Scotland, how Westminster treats our neighbours or something different entirely.

Sign for Scotland

Whatever the reason, the determination to say ‘no more’ is the starting point.  The next step is to consider what we can do differently.

We in Scotland have a unique opportunity; a peaceful revolution with a clear path forward.  This isn’t like a general election where we are debating the relative merits of differing political groups, this is much more fundamental.  Should we, the people who live in Scotland, make decisions for ourselves?  Should we ensure that future generations get the governments they want?

Sign for Scotland

We know what Westminster has done and we have hints as to where it is going.  We know that our independent neighbours are successful, thriving nations that are capable of influencing the world in a positive way.  We know that the closer a government is to its people, the more responsive and representative it can be.

All revolutions start with a 'no' and end with a 'Yes'.  Our independence referendum is a great opportunity that no other generation before us has had.  If you want to say ‘no more’ to any of the things above, then you have to say ‘Yes’ to independence.

It is the only chance we are guaranteed to have.

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  1. Yes Scotland! We're better together as two independent and EQUAL countries.