Monday, 23 September 2013

Edina! Scotia's darling seat!

The view from Calton Hill is a spectacular one at any time of the year.  But at this weekend's March and Rally for Scottish Independence, it was grander than ever.

Calton Hill in the 1840's
Approximately 20,000 people attended this year's event, doubling the numbers from 2012.  The route, which made it's way along Edinburgh's High Street and up the short but steep climb to the summit of Calton Hill, was bustling with colour and activity.  So many men and women, young and old, rich and poor, were marching together for a single cause; to return Scotland to the family of nations.

Calton Hill in the 1870's
It was an experience that reminded me why I support Independence.  The excitement and energy in that crowd is what has been missing from our country for so long.  That sense of hope, that sense of destiny, that sense that we don't need to accept illegal wars, unjust taxation and diminishing representation, is just not present anywhere else.  Independence, and only independence, offers a better future.  No offers us nothing.

Calton Hill in 1974
Diverse groups, including the Scottish National Party, the Scottish Green Party, the Scottish Socialist Party, the Scottish Republican Socialist Movement, Liberal Democrats for Independence, Labour for Independence, Scottish Democratic Alliance, Radical Independence, Business for Scotland, Eco Scots, Farming for Yes, Veterans for Independence, Women for Independence, Youth and Students for Independence and, of course, our humble group, Sign for Scotland, were all in attendance, alongside many more.  It is this diversity which makes me most optimistic for the future.  Our path in an Independent Scotland hasn't been decided for us, it is truly something which we can all shape.

Carton Hill in 2013
The view from Calton Hill is constantly evolving, but Scotia's darling seat, and the rest of our country, has a chance to create at least one more memorable sight.

All we need to do is vote Yes in 2014.

Watch our video of the 2013 March and Rally here
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