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Not in the News -17th of August Edition

Welcome to another edition of our now weekly series looking back at the stories which the main stream media in Scotland didn't offer much attention to, and comparing them to those that hit the front pages. Our last edition covering early August can be found here.

The £1,000,000 questions - Who wants to be in an independent Scotland?
In August it was revealed that the UK Government had spent £1 million on surveys and polls regarding Scottish Independence. The results of these polls was kept secret from the public with the findings being restricted to a handful of individuals in the 'no' campaign.

Our thanks to Cathy Newman of Channel 4 news for reporting this story.
Rules are for other people
It is well known that the no campaign has paid 'volunteers' during the campaign to hand out their leaflets, yet the Electoral Commission (who are supposed to provide oversight) have done nothing. Is this because they aren't technically breaking any rules? Wings over Scotland checked the guidelines:

Rules are for other people it seems.
Threat! Chaos! Emergency!
These are some of the words that didn't appear in Mark Carney's speech on the 13th of August, although you could be forgiven for thinking that they were if you follow the controlled media.

This was not the scene at the Bank of England
The Governor of the Bank of England reported that his organisation had considered the effects of Scottish Independence as well as the threats made by the Westminster parties to block a formal currency union. Mr Carney did suggest that uncertainty was concerning the markets, but the only way that can disappear is if there were pre-negotiations between the two sides. And remember, only 1 side is refusing to pre-negotiate.
No threat, no chaos and no emergency (and soon no Westminster politicians!)
Deja vu all over again
The Conservative Party has managed to prove the infinite monkey theorem! The questions sent to MP David Mundell by Cammy Young, Mr Allison, Arthur Langcake, Neil Calvert, Pat Caultay, Hannah Macgregor and Mrs Douglas, were exactly identical to the questions sent to MSP John Lamont by Edna Tait, Andrew Meldrum, Karen Hume, Craig Wood, Rachael Hamilton, Moira Hughes and Trevor Adams (with even the order of the questions being the same!).


To make the co-incidence complete, the replies were identical too (except Mr Lamont avoided some of Mr Mundell's spelling mistakes!).Great minds think alike? (or at least use the same pre-prepared responses).

Maybe we need to call Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency to check this out!
Things I don't know because I trust the BBC...Healthcare Privatisation!
This is a new series that we're thinking of including the our Not in the News blogs. Our first entry looks at Healthcare Privatisation, with the SI 257 amendment being a good example. The BBC has offered scant comment and for the life of us we have no idea why...
Protecting Socialism from within the House of Lords (for the bargain price of just £300 quid a day plus expenses!)
John Reid, also known as Baron Reid of Cardowan who once claimed for pouffe cushions and a glittery loo seat amongst other essential expenses, told voters that the Yes campaign was pretending to stand up for ordinary workers. He sited SNP plans to cut corporation tax as proof that they support big businesses (these are obviously different from when the government he was part of reduced taxes for larger firms whilst simultaneously raising them for small businesses).

Of course, if you don't like SNP policies, then don't vote for them. Unlike at Westminster where the same two parties share power between them, Holyrood uses a democratic system. No-one is guaranteed to be in office, and we certainly won't have unelected Lords talking to us about principles.
What the Daily Mail didn't report!
The Daily Mail isn't a friend to the independence movement, but they did provide even more reassurance over pensions. It was confirmed that a Yes vote will have no effect on the pensions of the Scottish employees of the 'newspaper'. We found this out because one of their staff members anonomously asked the tabloid's pension provider. Funny that this wasn't featured in any of their editions.
Of course, the Daily Mail knows what Westminster will do with pensions, and their value, but won't report that Scotland's pensioners would be better off independent.
Oil oil everywhere (except in the mainstream media!)
North Sea Oil reality
North Atlantic Oil reality
West Coast Oil reality

Join us again on Sunday for our next look at what's 'not in the news'!
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