Sunday, 11 May 2014

Yes Moray Shop Opening

On Saturday, the 3rd of May Sign for Scotland was at the opening of the Yes Moray shop on Elgin High Street!

There were a lot of people present and a great deal of excitement from passersby. To mark the opening were Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, a senior member of Yes Scotland and Women for Independence who previously helped us with our video 'I'm voting Yes' and Richard Lochhead MSP, who is the Scottish Cabinet for Rural Affairs and the Environment.

Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh with 'Wee Mo'
The shop is the first in Moray and should act as a hub for support for the Yes campaign until the day of the vote. There will be leaflets and different items available, making it useful for both Yes supporters and those who are undecided. You can see for yourself what the shop looks like from our video!

We are certain that the Yes shops around Scotland will have a big impact on the campaign. They are bright, welcoming and full of information. Not every has access to the internet or the time to search for answers, so shops like these help to reach a few more people who otherwise may have felt excluded. This referendum is for everyone who lives in Scotland and they help to secure a few more votes then they will be very worthwhile.

Securing a Yes vote will take a lot of time and effort, but we have more committed activists than the other side. Our aim is to create a more democratic Scotland. We believe that the ability to make decisions for ourselves will result in a fairer, more prosperous society. Days like the 3rd of May reminded us that we are not alone in this campaign and that if we keep up the hard work we will be able to take that first step towards a better Scotland.

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