Tuesday, 20 May 2014

It's time to change Locke's Socks

When mighty Theseus returned from slaying the fearsome Minotaur, the citizens of Athens celebrated.  His ship was preserved for future generations so that they could touch a piece of their history.  But the ship needed maintenance, and planks were replaced when they rotted.  A problem quickly emerged, if every plank was replaced, would the ship still be Theseus' ship, or a new vessel?  Another issue was if every plank that had been replaced were formed to make a new boat would this new creation actually be Theseus' ship?  Original, new, both or neither, the people of Athens weren't sure what the truth was.

In Scotland, our older political parties are versions of Theseus' ship.  The Scottish National Party, whilst staying true to its principle of self determination for Scotland, is very different from that which campaigned in the 1960s.  The Liberal Democrats, once dedicated to federalism, now opposes the people of Scotland having the chance to select that option through the referendum and the Scottish Conservatives once set policies in Scotland, but now blindly follows orders sent from London.

The most extreme example however is Labour.

Commitments to ending hereditary peers, the cost of education paid for by the state, and even Home Rule for Scotland have all been dropped.  We noted in a previous blog, Back to The Future, just how startling the changes are, but we aren't the only people to have noticed:
Many in Britain waited 18 years for a Labour government to come to power. However, by that time (1997) the party had reinvented itself as a Thatcher-hugging, right wing, media-friendly concern: a watered down version of the former Conservative regime with a middle class lawyer at the helm, looking like a friendly bank manager, sounding like a corporate executive and acting like a certain former grocer’s daughter. Some might say that was Thatcher’s finest achievement: the creation of the user-friendly Tony Blair to carry on her policies. - Global Research
Claiming that you vote a certain way because that is what your parents or grandparents did just isn't true.  The symbols might be same, but what they mean has changed.  You can't claim to be supporting the memories of those of the past by voting against the principles they valued.

The City thinks Westminster has changed for the better...do you?
The point of this blog is don't blindly support parties just because they claim a once meaningful logo as their own, judge them by what they offer today.  Locke's Socks need to be changed and the Ship of Theseus has set sail.  It's time to vote by principle and not name.

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  1. Only believe what you see and what you can deduce yourself. I am a member of the SNP, but have left before when I did not like what I saw. I would like to say I look at the issues and how much their solution follows what I would like to see. Labour, well as someone whose Parent voted Labour, I should be a natural. Never have voted for them and now never will.