Sunday, 9 March 2014

Why pay for what you don't want?

On the TV and in newspapers we come across frightening terms such as deficits, national debt, inflation, deflation, stagflation and many more besides. Most of these relate to problems that our economy has and they have a single root cause: governments living beyond their means to deliver promises they can't keep.

"This is the only solution that we want you to know about," 'no' campaign statement (probably)
Westminster has been living beyond its means for many decades, as the ever increasing national debt proves. The UK government spends more money on interest payments than Defence, Law and Order, Housing and Environment, Transport or the Department for Industry, Agriculture and Employment.

Our media offer only two solutions: austerity (which is favoured by the coalition government in London) or capital investment (which is favoured by the Scottish Government in Holyrood and nominally by Labour). No other options are given any credence because they aren't available to the UK, but for us in Scotland there is an alternative...don't pay for what we don't want.

Don't pay for Trident's replacement, which will cost £100 billion.
Don't pay for the House of Lords, which costs over £77 million every year.
Don't pay for the London sewerage project, which costs £4,200 million
Don't pay for the Jubilee Line, which costs £3,500,000,000 (£3,500 million)
Don't pay for the new communications headquarters in Cheltenham, which costs £1,200,000,00
Don't pay for the London Crossrail Tunnel project, which costs £14,800,000,000
Don't pay for the Euston Station upgrade, which will cost £42,000,000,000
Nasty Scots putting pensions before privilege
We currently pay for military personnel to be deployed in over 80 countries around the world. We're contributing £4,771 million towards a high speed rail network that won't get within 300 miles of Scotland. And if you believe that we should pay this money because we're going to get some incidental benefit from this vast expenditure then shouldn't the UK government be part funding the railways in France?
There are other expenses too that we don't need to accept. Taking part in conflicts around the world isn't cheap. The war in Afghanistan, for example, has cost £37 billion in financial terms, despite hopes that not a single shot would be fired, and it certainly isn't alone in the long list of British military campaigns.

The above list alone equals approximately £3,916 for every single man, woman and child in Scotland, and we and our children only have to pay it because we're not independent. Is having Westminster in charge over our affairs worth nearly £4,000 to you and your family?
Why pay for what you don't want? Vote Yes in 2014 and let's live within our means by first cutting the junk that doesn't help us.
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