Sunday, 23 March 2014

And the answer is...

There are two things required for someone to complete the journey from ‘no’ to ‘Yes’: for their concerns about independence to be addressed, and for a positive vision of what we can achieve. Many of the other entries in this blog attempt to do the latter, but this one is focused on the concerns people have. It won’t specialise on a single topic like defence, pensions or the economy, but rather offers a more general, logical answer that resolves most issues.

The truth isn't scary, just take a peek.
And the answer is…every other nation copes.

How will we cope with debt? The same as every other nation. We've been a net contributor to the UK for a long time (even when we factor in accountancy tricks), meaning that we proportionately put more tax money in than we receive back, so we’re more likely to be in surplus and therefore able to actually reduce the debt (or invest more in capital projects and services, which should improve our economy over the long term). With Westminster at the helm, we are shouldering more than our share of the debt burden whilst paying for their vanity projects.

Not better, not worse, just different
How will we negotiate international treaties? The same as every other nation. Denmark was successful in gaining a rebate from the EU, and Lithuania (population 3 million) has twice as many representatives in the European Parliament than Scotland (solely because they are independent, whilst we are classed a mere region).

Sweden copes with their state pensions, with their citizens receiving up to £25,155 per year, and Finland copes with employment law, with workers entitled to 40 days paid holidays annually. We will be starting our journey with a greater GDP per head of population than Australia, Canada, Belgium and Germany, who don't appear to be looking for Westminster to run their countries. There is no reason why we can't make it (and every reason that we can).

"We reject your reality and substitute our own," better together statement (probably)
This blog has already looked at currencies, trade and what will happen to the Panda’s at Edinburgh Zoo, and we will be covering more topics before the end of the campaign. But the point of this entry was to act as a reminder that every nation manages to get by, and there is no reason why Scotland should be any different.  Even those in the ‘no’ campaign agree.

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