Sunday, 5 January 2014

Sign in, Sign up and Sign proud

Sign for Scotland wants you.  And I do mean you.

You may or may not be fluent with BSL.  You might be Deaf, an interrupter, or use Sign language to communicate with a relative or co-worker.  You might be a beginner who has mastered the alphabet but struggles with all the different symbols we use.  It could be that you don’t sign at all yet value how important Sign language is, but there is one thing that everyone who visits this page has in common; they care about BSL and they care about Scotland.

Sign for Scotland
Sign for Scotland is for all parties and none
Sign for Scotland combines these two passions.  We want to bring both the facts of independence and the passion of the Yes Scotland campaign to everyone who cares about BSL.  We want as many people as possible to vote ‘Yes’ because we believe this is the greatest opportunity for change that this generation will ever have, and that independence is the greatest gift we can leave our children.  But we want Sign for Scotland to become more.
We want to make sure that the Deaf Community and everyone who cares about BSL become more relevant.  We want politicians to value us and the contributions we make.  We want our language to become more widely recognised and used, and for the concerns of the Signing Community to be acknowledged.
Sign for Scotland does not endorse any political party but we will be contacting lots of politicians and members of Civil Scotland to give them a platform to reach you.  But to encourage a speedy response we need you to give us the strength we need.
You can join us at:        Facebook - Sign for Scotland
                                   YouTube - Sign4Scotland
                                   Twitter - Sign4Scotland
If you'd like to feature in one of our videos (or if you are an interpreter who is willing to help out different Yes groups) then you can reach us here at this blog or email us at  The more people who join us, the more influence we can have.

Sign for Scotland
We're really a friendly bunch when you get to know us!
This is the dawn of the most important year in our nation’s history, and an independent Scotland will need everyone to pull together to create a brighter future.  Let’s make sure that we take the first step.  Sign in, Sign up and Sign proud.

If you like this blog, then please consider visiting our other sites:
Facebook - Sign for Scotland
YouTube - Sign4Scotland
Twitter - Sign4Scotland

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