Sunday, 15 December 2013

Put Scotland first by voting Yes!

This entry is a little different from the majority that we write.
Normally we focus on the democratic, social, environmental or economic benefits following a Yes vote for Scotland and those beyond our borders, including those who the UK Government doesn't appear to have much concern for.  But this week, we're going to be a little selfish and say 'put the people of Scotland first'.

We know that the UK Government cannot put Scotland first because:
  1. Scotland directly elects just 4% of Westminster, and the number of MPs we will have is due to be reduced yet again, making our influence weaker than ever.
  2. Westminster's form of democracy disenfranchises us more than almost any other system imaginable.  Because Scotland has fewer 'marginal swing seats' between the only two parties who can form a government, the amount of effort and attention we are afforded is much lower, making our views up to 22 times less important.
  3. Much of the funding for Westminster's two main parties comes from the City of London.  Even though Labour receives large donations from Trade Unions, the lack of viable alternatives means that they just need to avoid appearing to be on the right of the Conservatives to be guaranteed these funds (and again, most trade union donations are generated outside Scotland, continuing the cycle above).
This isn't strictly true, we also store their WMDs and fight in their wars!
With Independence we will see a seismic shift in priorities.  The massive, pervasive influence of City financiers and war advocates will be greatly diminished.  No political party will ever be guaranteed to return to power, meaning that they will need to work much harder to get into, stay and return to office.  Greater choice will mean more positive campaigning in every part of Scotland and because every vote will matter, every voter becomes more significant and sought after.
In short, the people of Scotland will be the main priority of every party.
Having such a focus will undoubtedly help in a number of ways:
  1. Better transport connections will be advocated by all, with the people of Scotland deciding whether this primarily takes the form of more rail links, lower air-passenger fees, improved roads and/or better ports.
  2. Armed forces will be based in Scotland with Scotland's needs in mind.  Specialist desert equipment isn't needed in a wet country like ours, and aircraft carriers with no planes on them and nuclear weapons do nothing to keep us safe.  The people of Scotland will control the number of personnel, the type of equipment used, and where our troops are deployed.
  3. Scotland's interests in Europe will always be defended, with our farmers, fishing communities and exporters never being sacrificed for City greed and gain.
Message from our always impartial British State Broadcaster
I cannot say what the priorities of an independent Scotland will be, but I can guarantee that our money, which Westminster is wasting on nuclear weapons, HS2, stationing military personnel in over 80 countries, illegal wars and refurbishing the unelected House of Lords, will be used for the benefit of Scotland.
Only voting 'Yes' will put Scotland first.
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