Thursday, 27 June 2013

A Tale of Two Scotlands

‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…’

When Charles Dickens penned those famous words he probably wasn’t thinking much about Scotland in the 21st century, yet their timeless wisdom matches the situation we find ourselves in.  Perhaps I’m being overly dramatic but we are living in a unique time in Scotland’s history.

Here's a kind message from our Croatian friends at our recent World Cup Qualifier (although I suspect it might have been taken down after Snodgrass scored!)

Today there are two Scotlands; one characterised by a confident persona that is hopeful about the future, and one mired in self doubt and despair.  The referendum on Scottish Independence will go a long way towards deciding which one will become our true identity.

A ‘Yes’ vote is a vote of self confidence.  It is the belief that we can do better, that we have something to offer and that we can take responsibility for our actions.  ‘Yes’ means that we reap our own harvest and ring our own till.  The successes we achieve will be the result of our own efforts and the choices we make will be our own.

"Yes we Canavan!" is a lot better than "No we shouldn't Darling..."

A ‘No’ vote is a vote of self doubt.  It is the belief that we can’t care for ourselves, that we have nothing to offer and that we want others to take responsibility and tell us what to do.  ‘No’ means we receive pocket money for our labour and strife.  Any success we achieve will be credited to others and every real choice will be made from afar.

Sign for Scotland believes that we can enter the best of times.  A renewed focus upon the challenges facing Scotland will help to us to resolve our problems.  A renewed sense of purpose will lead to a boom in the arts and literature, and a renewed belief that things can change if the people want them to will lead to a more ethical and principled politics.

We are the authors of ‘A Tale of Two Scotlands’ and the ending will be up to us.
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