Sunday, 6 July 2014

Scotland - The Next Generation

There are some who support independence because of our past. It’s easy to see why. Scotland has many long and proud traditions. We have contributed so much to the modern world from the pedal bicycle, to logarithms, to the kaleidoscope. The Saltire is one of the oldest and most recognisable flags of Europe and our myths and legends attract tourists from every corner of the globe.

Sign for Scotland

But the reason why I support independence is our future, and what more we can contribute. It is doubtless that somewhere in one of our schools there is the next David Livingstone, Mary Somerville or William Ramsay. But if we want that talent to flourish, we need to make some choices.
Scotland cannot keep subsidising Westminster and maintain the highest proportion of world class universities to population in the world. We cannot store and subsidise weapons of mass destruction and have a healthcare system based upon need and not ability to pay. We cannot subsidise a military designed to attack other countries and have a defence force capable of defending our shores.
Voting ‘Yes’ in the referendum means that we will decidewhat’s most important. Only we can guarantee the things we perhaps take for granted are available to the next generation. Only we can make sure that we have governments which respond to and reflect the wishes of the people. Only we can ensure that our values and principles are enacted, both at home and abroad.

Captain Jean Luc Picard's message to the people of Scotland
And if we vote ‘Yes’ we will be giving ourselves the power to decide our future, and ensuring that every generation that follows does too. What greater vote of confidence can we give our children than to trust them with self determination?
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