Sunday, 17 November 2013

50 and not out!

We wanted to take a little break from writing to pass on our thanks for the help and support we have received and to keep you all up-to-date on how Sign for Scotland is getting on.

The group officially came to life in January 2013 with a video from founding member John being uploaded onto YouTube.  Ever since then we have continued to grow, with our channel now containing a total of 15 videos that anyone can watch (including kind contributions from Yvonne Veitch and Peter Curran - TA of Moridura).  We have a few special videos due to be uploaded soon so keep watching!
You can find our channel here - Sign for Scotland YouTube
Facebook is probably the main way we communicate to the wider world, so it’s great to be able to announce that our group has received its 635th like.
We’re only supposed to be a small group within the wider Yes Scotland community, but we’re punching above our weight by having so many people supporting us.  And we want this to continue.  The more people we bring on board, the more we can do to secure that all important ‘Yes’ vote.
If you are on Facebook but haven’t yet given us a like, please consider doing so.  We can be found here: Sign for Scotland Facebook.
With Twitter being such an effective form of communication, it really makes us proud to have amassed over 930 followers.  We’re really grateful for each and every one and we hope the messages and links that we send are enjoyable and informative.
If you are reading this and would like to follow our Twitter account, then you can use the link here: Sign for Scotland Twitter.
We're also proud to say that this is our 50th blog and we have plenty more in the pipeline to come.  We have also had over 12,500 hits with October being our best month so far.

We know that our group isn't the biggest within the Yes Scotland family, and that is why the support we receive, through likes, page visits, shares and views, mean so much to us.  Thank you all, once again, for helping us over these 10 and a bit months.
Just 10 and a bit more to go before the referendum.  Let's get out there and win!
If you like this blog, then please consider visiting our other sites:
Facebook - Sign for Scotland
YouTube - Sign4Scotland
Twitter - Sign4Scotland

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