Thursday, 24 October 2013

The Unionist Cake is a Lie

How Scotland will be governed will change following the referendum.

If we vote Yes, then we will have full control over our destiny.  We’ll elect the governments we want, we’ll have a written constitution which will safeguard our rights, and we, the people who call Scotland home, will have ultimate sovereignty.  I don’t know what path we will take, but it is one which we will decide as a society and nation.

If we vote no, then we won’t have control.  The limited powers of the Scottish Parliament are not enough to protect us from Westminster's policies.  We don’t know whether the Scottish budget will be cut (Tories demand a re-think on Barnett and blame the Scots and Scrap formula giving Scots extra cash say Tory MPs), what policies will be imposed on us (bedroom tax is causing misery for 80000 of our most vulnerable families in Scotland) or what wars we are going to be dragged into (

"At the end of the referendum, you will be baked, and then there will be cake," Better Together pledge (probably)
The promises that the Yes Scotland campaign are making are those which they can keep – we can have a codified, written constitution, our proportional system means more choice and influence for voters, and, if we elect parties with such a policy, we can scrap Trident with minimal fuss.

Later this year we’re going to see the Scottish Government produce a white paper which will detail the vision of an SNP led independent Scotland.  The Scottish Green Party and the Scottish Socialist Party will do the same, and the Jimmy Reid Foundation will be producing policy papers too.  But none of the things that these groups and others aspire to achieve can be done with a ‘no’, only Yes gives us options.

But what about ‘no’, what would that give us?  We know that Westminster could have passed legislation authorizing new powers to the Scottish Parliament well before the referendum, but instead decided to await the outcome of the vote.  The only logical reason for this is so they can hint at anything and deliver nothing, and we know from bitter experience what that is like.

Sign for Scotland
What chance have we got of getting a good deal if we go to the negotiating table having given up the one advantage we held over Westminster?  We’ll have no means to defend ourselves from Cameron’s judgement, and we’ll be in no position to maintain what we have, let alone achieve the reforms we desperately need.

"Have I lied to you?...I mean in this sentence?"
An independent Scotland will end some of Westminster’s wasteful expenditure, see the civil service jobs we are paying for return to our nation, and have the wealth generated within our borders used for our benefit.  The ‘no’ campaign will try to offer sweeteners to tempt people into believing that Westminster can change.

Don’t be fooled.  The Unionist cake is a lie.
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