Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Will you march with Sign for Scotland?

Sign for Scotland will be attending the March and Rally for Scottish Independence due to take place in Edinburgh on Saturday, the 21st of September.  We’ll be there with business cards, volunteers and our very own unique flag!

If you see us (we’ll be the ones with the distinctive ‘Sign for Scotland’ hats and badges) then please come over and say hello.  We’d really like to meet as many of you as we can.  We'll be there to support the Yes Scotland movement and ensure that the Signing Community is represented.

The details for the March and Rally are on their website.  And here's a list of the different groups that will be taking part.

Picture from last year's march and rally
The organisers have great travel advice on their site if you want to make your own way there, and lists the various coaches and trains that are being put on to help ferry people from all over Scotland and beyond to Edinburgh on the day itself.  We've also confirmed with them that the same Signer from last year will be returning.
I attended the rally in 2012 and it was great fun.  The flags, the costumes and the atmosphere really added to the sense of occasion.  And this year’s event will be even bigger and better.

Some of the Sign for Scotland team
Whether you are going with friends, your local ‘Yes Scotland’ group, or as an individual, please look out for us as we take another step towards Scotland voting ‘Yes’!

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