Saturday, 6 April 2013

Recording this Moment - A challenge

We at Sign for Scotland are aiming to do as much as we can in the lead up to the referendum in September 2014.

We’re keeping our Facebook page filled with content
We’re sending out Tweets on breaking stories
We’re uploading videos to YouTube
We’re taking part in Yes Scotland events
And we’re updating this humble blog with articles that we hope you enjoy

Sign for Scotland members John and Drew helping Yes Moray in Elgin

The great thing about this campaign is that there are so many different ways to get involved, from Signing the Yes Declaration, to printing off stories from Newsnet Scotland or Wings over Scotland and leaving them on a table at work, to just talking to friends, neighbours and family members.  If all of us do a little bit each, I’m certain that we will win and begin building a fairer nation.

But there’s one thing that we’d love to see, something that would be of great value to every generation that follows: a documentary that chronicles the activities of the mainstream media in this referendum campaign.

There are lots of groups which highlight bias in the media and attempt to curb excessive and deceitful comments by exposing their inaccuracies, but what we’d like is someone impartial to record events as they take place and only completes the film once the result is known.

We’re convinced that this would be of great value because future generations deserve to know how hard we are working to achieve self determination for them.  We believe that they deserve the truth about the wall of resistance we face from the multinational and state owned broadcasters, and not the carefully crafted spin and lies which some will undoubtedly attempt.

"Don't worry, we're impartial." - BBC in Scotland statement

And faintly, we hope that the knowledge that there is someone watching and recording for prosperity the worst excesses of poor journalism will encourage more temperate and logical debate.

We feel that this project would be valued not only in Scotland post 2014, but around the world as an example of a cause struggling against an establishment backed press.  Perhaps this could be our first major contribution as an independent nation.

Voting ‘Yes’ is the first step we take into a much larger world, and it is our responsibility to protect the truth for those who look back on us.

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