Saturday, 2 February 2013

Faith, Hope and Clarity

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We’re another week closer to that all important vote in Autumn 2014.  Every opinion poll, every survey, every prediction will by that time have an easily quantifiable value, i.e. zero.  Expensive surveys conducted by a wealthy few do not win votes and the only thing that really matters is how many people vote yes.

Sign for Scotland members Drew and Ronnie at last year's March and Rally for Scottish Independence.

But one of the great barriers that pro independence supporters need to overcome is the notion that ‘Yes’ is beyond us.  It’s easy to think that the task of instilling self belief into our country men and women is too hard, or that there are too many people who will never consider independence, but this isn’t the case.

While it’s true that there are some who can never be persuaded that the decisions affecting the people of Scotland should be made in Scotland, the vast majority of those around us just aren’t sure.  They don’t know what reforms could be made or the positive impact an independent Scotland could have on our neighbours and the wider global community.

The numbers indicate that we put more into the union than we take out.  Every survey shows that we tend to be more altruistic than the Westminster politicians who govern us.  Most of us want welfare and economic policies decided at our parliament, but it is becoming clearer with each passing day that the only way we can guarantee this is with independence and here lies the one great advantage ‘Yes Scotland’ supporters have; no-one can say what the future will hold, but the future of a post independence Scotland will be shaped by and for her people.  A ‘no’ vote gives that power away, not just from us, but from our children and grand-children.

So what’s Sign for Scotland’s message to everyone who supports independence?  With a little faith in our cause, with a little hope that the future can be brighter, and with a little clarity provided to our friends and neighbours, we can secure a big, resounding YES!

‘Faith, hope and clarity’ is the key, now let’s go out there and win!

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