Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Sofa, so good

Hello and welcome to the first entry in Sign for Scotland’s online blog.

We’re going to be writing about the role of Scotland’s Deaf Community within the independence debate, and about the future we want to see for our country.  Our goal is to bring greater awareness of the issues facing those who use BSL to a wider audience and to imagine the possible advantages of independence.

This first entry is about the early success of the Yes Scotland campaign.  Over 147,000 people have signed the ‘Yes Declaration’, which makes it a larger movement than every political party in Scotland combined.  It goes beyond politics and beyond individuals, it’s about a basic question; ‘should the decisions affecting the people of Scotland be made in Scotland?’  I guess you can tell which side I’m on!

Events are taking place across the country, and distinct groups, such as Sign for Scotland, are springing up everywhere to include as many people as possible in the independence debate.  But we need to do so much more to make sure of a Yes vote in Autumn 2014.  Things are going well however we can’t rely on the facts reaching everyone in time.  We need to get moving and make a difference.


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